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Who we are

You may be paying for inadequate advertisement.
I-Magine Marketing provides you with the opportunity to locate YOUR personalized prospects.
We specialize in family-related offers and direct marketing.

i-Magine Marketing is a company legally constituted in the province of Quebec

We are also registered with rating companies such as Dun & Bradstreet and WTE which are registered with the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (DNCL).

We specialize in developing and finding new products, tools and information to help parents who are going through this important life milestone.

Our Solutions

Congrats! You’ve just found a reliable source of highly qualified potential customers! Now, you can reduce the cost, stress and efforts associated with your search for potential clients.

Each family shares very useful information which allows us to better target our offers:

You can now continuously and constantly increase sales revenue. You can grow productivity by spending less time looking for prospects while saving precious hours and focusing 100% on serving your customers.


– Annual salary
– Number of children
– Mailing address
– Telephone number
– Baby’s gender

Our Community

In the marketing world, we always hear about “qualified traffic” or “qualified prospects”. Being able to pinpoint your qualified prospects may be an arduous task and you may be paying for inadequate advertisement.

I-Magine Marketing gives your the opportunity to find YOUR personalized prospects.

In Canada, on a monthly basis, we reach over 30 000 pregnant women  and over 700 000 new families.

From newsletters to telemarketing, our solutions adapt to your needs

  • 700 000+
  • Families
  • 1.2 million
  • Impression per month
  • 100+
  • Solutions
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